About Us

Beracha Badminton Academy is an independent badminton academy based in Kottarakara, Kollam Dist., Kerala, India, developed to provide necessary tools and environment of excellence wherin everything from fundamentals to success is taught and managed. With a focus of developing our player's skills. We are determined to develop them to their full potential. Yes, we build champions but we are additionally interested in helping our players grow as responsible individuals. Founded in November 2017 and aiming to grow as one of the leading badminton academies in the state. We are constantly innovating and striving for new ways of doing things. To gain a full understanding of how we can help you. If you are a beginner, country or national player, Please contact us. We love a challenge and are always excited to create new champions. We make sure our students learn badminton in a contemporary professional way and are very important for anyone who wants to master the skills effortlessly and flatteringly accomplish his/her ambitions.

Our Mission

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to build up the young generation as focused, physically and mentally healthy and free from all bad habits like drinking, smoking etc:.


Affiliated to Kerala Badminton Shuttle Association (KBSA) and Kollam District Badminton Shuttle Association (KDBSA).

Our Vision

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional coaching
  • Well maintaned and Quality badminton courts
  • We provide badminton facilities that is clean and fit to all badminton lovers of all ages.
  • Free access from City
  • The court is situated 4 Km from the city. So it is easy to reach the courts without affecting traffic.
  • Friendly Environment
  • Everyone has the opportunity to be part of the game, together we will achieve the highest possible level of health and relationship, regardless of sex, gender, cultural or ethnic background, wealth or health status.

BBA Badminton Court Booking Status

For booking, please contact
0091 8078145215 or 0091 9526373051

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